Grocery Delivery from 14 Carrot

All delivery orders will be subject to a $7.00 delivery charge. If you live more than 6 driving miles from

14 Carrot, you will be charged an additional $4.00 per 3 driving miles. 

12.1 - 15 driving miles: $19.00 fee

15.1 - 18 driving miles: $23.00 fee

18.1 - 21 driving miles: $27.00 fee

0 - 6 driving miles: $7.00 fee

6.1 - 9 driving miles: $11.00 fee

9.1 - 12 driving miles: $15.00 fee

Please note: All delivery orders will initially be charged $7.00 when you are placing your online order. Additional delivery fees will be calculated when your order is being prepared by our staff and you will be notified of the total delivery charge at the time of payment. If you have any questions about this, please call us at 803-359-2920.

Determine your driving distance from 14 Carrot:

Click "Directions" in the map below. When the map opens in a new window, type your address where it says "your location." Just below the driving time it will tell you the driving distance from our store.