This is a comprehensive tutorial to guide you through our online shopping platform. If you are looking for help with a particular issue or circumstance, click one of these shortcuts to skip ahead to that section:

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Creating an account & linking to your 14 Carrot Rewards account

Visit our online store at

Create an account by clicking "login" in the top right corner. If you already have a 14 Carrot rewards account, register using the phone number associated with your rewards account to automatically link it to your online shopping account. The benefits of creating an online account include tracking your rewards balance, creating shopping lists, viewing past orders, and more. CLICK HERE for more information about your rewards account & online ordering.

If you are not a 14 Carrot Rewards customer or you do not wish to create an account, proceed to STEP 2You can let us know at check-out if you'd like us to assign you an account number for future use.

Once you are taken to the login page, you can click either "Forgot password?" or "Setup Online Account" to create your new account. You can be contacted by email, text message, or phone call to receive a verification code to set up your password.


Search for Products

There are two ways you can search for products.


Option 1 is to type your desired product into the search bar at the top of the page. 

You can search for a particular product by typing in a brand and/or product name, or 12-digit UPC code, and look for it in the drop down list. Or, you can search for a general term, such as "vitamin c" or "raw milk."

Option 2 is to browse our inventory by department. Scroll down the page to find each department. To view more products in each category, click "VIEW MORE" on the right side of the department heading bar.

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Refine Your Search

If you search by brand, general term (vitamin c, raw milk, etc.) or by browsing an entire department's inventory, you may end up with multiple product options. You may refine your results by using the "Narrow Your Choices" section on the left hand side of the screen.

You can refine your search results by health attributes (such as Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan), by brand, department, or other factors.

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Discounts & Promotions

If an item is on sale or any other promotion is offered on the item, there will be a green tag over the product image indicating this. 


If an item is offered at a percentage discount the discount will be applied at checkout. The price shown below the product does not reflect the discounted price.

Unlike many other stores, we do not increase our prices for online ordering. All purchases also qualify for 4% back in store credit with our rewards program.

At this time we honor all in-store sales and discounts EXCEPT our bi-weekly 30% produce sale.

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Adding items to your cart

Once you have located an item you would like to add to your shopping cart you can add it directly from the search results page by clicking the "Add to Cart" button below the product. You can adjust the quantity of each item added to your cart by using the + and - buttons.

You can keep track of your purchase total in the top right corner. The amount shown includes all discounts.


Click on a product image or product description to open the product page. This page may give more information about a product, including ingredients and nutrition information. You can also add a product to your cart from this page.

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For items sold by the weight, such as bulk goods, you will be given the option to select the amount of the product you'd like to add to your cart in a drop down menu.

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However, some items (particularly produce items such as potatoes or bananas) have prices that are calculated by weight but sold as "eaches" for online ordering. This is to make it easier for you, the shopper, as it can be difficult to estimate the weight of these items. The average price per individual potato is given, and this is the amount that will be shown in your cart. However, these are estimations and your final bill will reflect the cost based on actual weight at checkout.

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Understanding your Shopping Cart

Once you have completed your shopping, click the shopping cart icon in the top right corner.

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Once you are viewing your shopping cart:

- The "Grand Total" (red) includes all discounts and taxes.

- Order Instructions (pink) is where you can tell us if you would like us to assign you a rewards account if you are not already enrolled. You can also use this space if you would like us to call you for payment at a different phone number than the one associated with your rewards account.

- Select "allow substitutions" (blue) if you would like to allow 14 Carrot staff to select a substitution for any item that may be unavailable. You will be notified of these substitutions before payment is collected. Substitutions can be allowed on all items or on individual items.

- "Add instructions" (purple) can be used if you would like to provide specific information about a requested item (such as requesting a ripe avocado, or green bananas.)

You can also use this section to name preferred substitutions should that item be out of stock.

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**The "Coupons" function is currently unavailable for use.**



Checkout & Payment

Once your order is ready to be placed, click the large orange "Order Now" button on the shopping cart page.

PART ONE: You will need to fill in your contact information and click "Continue" (unless you are logged in to your account in which case your info will be auto filled.) 

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PART TWO: Choose curbside pickup or home delivery. Curbside pickup is free. The fee for home delivery is based on your driving distance from the store. 


To find out what your delivery fee will be, CLICK HERE

Choose a day and time to pick up your order or to have your order delivered (purple.)

USPS shipping is also available for non-perishable items. Shipping will be calculated after order is placed and you will be notified when called for payment.

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PART THREE: At this time, we do not accept online payments. Once your order has been picked from the shelves and rung up at the cash register, we will call you for credit card payment over the phone. You may also opt to pay by cash in person when you arrive to pick up your order. Confirm this by clicking "we will call you for payment."

Please note that your reserved pick up or delivery time expires after one hour if your order is not fully submitted.

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PART FOUR: Review your order. If you need to add or remove any items, click "Modify Cart." 

If you are ready to submit your order, click "Confirm Order."

You're all done!

Please keep your phone handy in the 2-3 hours leading up to your scheduled pick up or delivery time, as we will be calling to collect payment as well as notify you of any unavailable items or substitutions.

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Getting the most out of your online account

Once you are successfully logged in to your online account, you should see your name in the top right corner. Using your mouse, hover over your name to view a dropdown menu (or press with your finger on your smartphone.)

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PROFILE: This page lists all of your contact information and account settings. PLEASE DO NOT UPDATE INFORMATION HERE. Instead, please make any changes to your account information by FILLING OUT THIS FORM on our website. Thank you!


REWARDS: View your current rewards balance here. If you would like to use any or all of your rewards balance, you can let us know under "Order Instructions" or tell us over the phone when we call you to collect payment.


LISTS: Not ready to place an order but want to make a list of items you're interested in purchasing in the future? 


Click the icon circled in red to add an item to your shopping list. You can add these items directly to your shopping cart later.

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You can have multiple lists saved to your account for your convenience.

- Click the pencil icon to edit a list.

- Click the shopping cart icon to add an entire list to your shopping cart.

- Click the trash can icon to delete an entire list.

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ORDERS: View all past purchases (in-store and online orders) here. This will show all purchases made under your rewards account. You can use these past orders to quickly add the items you purchase the most directly to your online cart. You can also view and print receipts for your records or to expedite product returns.

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If you have any further questions regarding use of 14 Carrot online shopping, please call us at 803-359-2920.