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Customer Reviews

James Em (Google Review)

Excellent, local independent place for natural, organic, and hard to find things. Of course it's more expensive than Bi-Lo, but you get what you pay for. Even with big box Whole Foods coming down the street, I'm staying put.


Jeffrey Leong (Google Review)

We really appreciate the local ownership of this store and the selection of natural and organic foods. This is our go to spot for Raw milk and some supplements. The staff is always helpful and cheerful!

Kristy Karadchy (Google Review)

Love this store. They have the best produce in town and make the best smoothies I've ever had. Everyone that works there are very nice and willing to help you out any way possible. I highly recommend 14 Carrot!


S. L. Thompson (Google Review)

Best service, fresh spices, clean foods and all the natural essential oils & sulfate free product I adore.


Paddle Bender (Google Review)

Excellent product offering. We're not big meat eaters but when we do buy it we only want humanely raised animals. My wife and I really appreciate their service at 14 Carrot too. Ed, the manager, is a good guy!


Steve Chavis (Google Review)

Lots of great stuff for people sensitive to gluten!


Zoe Toth (Google Review)

Best selection in the metropolitan Columbia area. Very nice staff. It's out of my way but I always stop by when I am in the area to buy herbs and fresh tea


Michael Buckingham (Google Review)

Really nice people, good selection. Lots of interesting stuff we hadn't seen at other health/natural food stores. We'll come back when we're in town.


Taylor Kensek (Google Review)

Love it so much!


Anonymous (Google Review)

This is a smaller health food store and I usually don't buy my cereal, meat etc there. I do however take advantage of their weekly produce sale. All their produce is organic and 30% off every Sunday and Thursday between 1-5. I am able to buy all my veggies and fruits for sometimes cheaper than going to Walmart with the pesticide laden fruit and veggies!! They also have the biggest selection of bulk herbs that I have seen at a health food store and a nice vitamin department with weekly sales.Their is always a LOT of staff on hand and they are very helpful. Also for every $250 you spend you get an $10 off coupon toward your next purchase if you sign up with their free rewards program. Definitely recommend visiting them!!

Anonymous (Google Review)

Best Store in Columbia for Whole Foods and Produce!

April B. (Yelp Review)

14 Carrot came into Lexington before health food was cool, and helped me along during my early years as a vegetarian when my parents didn't know what to feed me. They've got all of the gourmet and exotic ingredients you read about in cookbooks and can't find on the shelves at the Bi-Lo. Their organic, grass-fed, non GMO ideals are the real deal- they won't sell anything that isn't top drawer. It is a bit pricier than a conventional grocery store, but it's because it's a specialty store. Buying from their bulk bins is definitely a cost saver though, especially if you're buying spices!

Emily E (Yelp Review)

As an organic haven on the Lexington side of town, this place stands alone.  All the other healthy food stores seem to be downtown or close to it so I'm thankful for this location.  Everyone in the store is readily available to help you find products.  I like that they carry raw milk as many other stores in Columbia do not.  They also have a rewards program (frequent customer card) that lets you earn points toward discounts AND they give you a free gift for your birthday if you join...mine was a free smoothie which was absolutely delicious and not packed with sugar like most.  They have a wide range of products and usually Thursdays and Sundays are 30% off produce so that's one way to keep costs down.  They are also a CSA pick up location for Round River Farms so that has been handy!  Check them out!

Judi L. (Yelp Review)

They have absolutely everything I need when I'm feeling like making an organic Asian dish! I love this store! The associates are friendly, available, and knowledgable about their products. That is difficult to find in other stores.  And if they don't have the flavor/scent/size that you want, they will order it for you! The fact that it's locally owned is the icing on the cake.

Cherry T. (Yelp Review)

This is one of my favorite stores in Lexington. The clerk was able to find me two supplements that I thought would be much harder to find. The variety of other natural and homeopathic remedies kept me in the store for much longer than I had anticipated and I loved every single second.

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