About Our Rewards Program

At 14 Carrot we truly appreciate your business... and so we want to thank you!  In order to let you know just how much we value our customers, we offer an amazing rewards program that is absolutely FREE to join!


It's so simple to join our rewards program - just ask your cashier for an application. It will take only moments to fill out and you'll start earning store credit right away! 

How it Works

For every dollar you spend at 14 Carrot you will earn 4% back in store credit... it's that easy!  This applies to all departments of the store, on all regularly priced items, everyday low price items, AND sale items!  The only products that will not garner rewards credit are produce items during our 30% off produce sale every Thursday and Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm.  For more information about our produce sale, click here.


It's also super easy to track how much store credit you've earned, as it is printed on the bottom of each and every receipt. You can use your credit at your own discretion - as little or as much as you want - and it NEVER EXPIRES!  How great is that!?


Don't forget to include your e-mail address when signing up ---  we will send you a birthday gift!

Feeling Paw-sitively Generous?

14 Carrot also has a Charity Rewards Program.  It works just the same as the traditional version, but with a charitable twist!  For every $10.00 of store credit that you earn, 14 Carrot donates $1.00 of your credit to Carolina Wildlife Center. 14 Carrot will also match your donation, dollar for dollar.  Feeling extra generous? You may also opt to donate 100% of your rewards to Carolina Wildlife Center and 14 Carrot will match 10% of your annual donation.


To learn more about this amazing non-profit organization, please visit their website.