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Dairy & Refrigerated Foods


The 14 Carrot Refrigerated Foods Department provides a large selection of products to cater to many dietary needs.

We offer a large selection of fermented and cultured foods which offer many health benefits providing probiotics and immune-boosting antioxidants and enzymes. Some of these products include raw sauerkraut, raw kimchi, miso (fermented soy paste), kefir, and raw kombucha (fermented tea). 

If you are looking for organic, gluten-free, or non-GMO products, 14 Carrot's refrigerated department carries many products to fit your needs.  Look for the Certified Non-GMO and Gluten Free labels on the products as well as the shelf tags. Our organic products include eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, butter, and much more!

Grass-fed products are increasing in demand due to consumer awareness of the benefits of consuming products from animals raised on a diet of grass varieties grazed in open fields and no-confinement environments. Look for products labeled grass-fed in our dairy case and meat department.

14 Carrot's refrigerated department offers a variety of raw foods for those interested in living food that has not been heated or cooked to temperatures over 118 degrees Fahrenheit, preserving natural enzymes and other nutrients. Our raw dairy products include milk and cheeses, as well as cookies and bread made from seeds and nuts. Also, check out our raw honey section.

We also carry a large selection of vegetarian and vegan-friendly products for those customers who wish to avoid animal products. Our options include alternative milk and coffee creamer options (such as flax, cashew, almond and coconut varieties), many tofu flavors and textures, assorted imitation cheese varieties (including cream cheese) and more!

At 14 Carrot we try to source as many products locally as we can. We carry local milk (including whole, chocolate, and buttermilk in a variety of sizes), local pastured eggs, local raw goat milk and goat chevre cheese, as well as local cold-brewed coffee concentrate. 

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